Corporate FAQ

1. Where is ROK Stars PLC (ticker symbol RKS) registered?

RKS is a UK registered company (registration number 07519721) and is subject to the corporate laws of England and Wales.

2. What is main purpose of RKS?

This is the vision and strategy of RKS:

RKS is acting as an early stage Venture Capital type organisation. The Company has a number of exciting products with real USPs designed to outperform existing industry giants in a number of different categories. The Company utilises the marketing potential of celebrity endorsements to drive the sales of its portfolio of companies. These companies must all be in the ecological / sustainable sector of their respective industries. RKS will nurture and run these companies until they have achieved critical commercial mass and offer potential to be sold or spun off.

RKS will decide from time-to-time if the interests of its shareholders are best met by realising value through a sale/spin-off or by retaining each operating company and continuing to grow it for a further period.

3. Why does it have a German Listing?

Listing RKS shares on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange was regarded as being in best interests of all shareholders. By doing so RKS has access to capital, offers investors transparency in their company because of requirements for regular reporting and also offers investors a method of trading shares at an early stage. The Stuttgart Exchange was chosen over other European markets because it has the largest pool of listed SMEs in Europe, but does not impose too onerous costs (in financial and management resources) for compliance. This was regarded as being the best mix of opportunity and resource allocation available to your Board.

4. What does RKS own?

RKS has a number of products and services in its portfolio and these are further divided into operating companies which are subsidiaries of RKS.

5. How does RKS expect to grow the portfolio of operating companies and each operating company?

The first part is all about RKS increasing its product and services portfolio. There are two main thrusts to this:

Internal development by RKS’s own resources;
Acquiring these from third-party operations.

RKS then intends to optimise the potential implicit in these portfolios by creating a powerful commercial model, perfecting the offering, launching one or more operating companies to exploit this and finally by continuous improvement of the offering by development.

One of the main routes for growth for any specific product and services offering mix is to partner with investors that can offer local regional advantage that the main management of RKS (being based in Europe) cannot necessarily do as well.