Graffiti and Wine were born from expressions of the creative mind.

Both produced by original, risk-taking artists who felt the need to define themselves, regardless of hell or high water.
The two art forms have inspired mankind in the most intoxicating ways since the BC years, on walls & caves, in bottles & barrels. You might say Graffiti and Wine evolved hand-in-hand throughout history. Sharing a multitude of colors, styles, structures, flavors and expressions that comprise Graffiti and Wine.
We believe Graffiti and Wine make the perfect partnership – that’s why we combined them. A force of nature that melds our original graffiti art on the bottles with unique varietals in the bottles.

The creation of these wines involved our strive for absolute artistry, inside and out.

We’ve gone to great lengths to produced wine from off-the-beaten-path regions like Mumbai in Inda, Compania in Italy and Parras Valley in Mexico, using single varietal, vintage wines that include Chenin Blanc, Falanghina, Sauvignon Blanc, Aglianico, Syrah, Cabernet and various Champagnes.

Graffiti + Wine. A partnership of epic proportions.

Drink Graffiti wine.


ROK Stars’ Graffiti Wines Sponsor Scottish Entertainment and Hospitality Awards 2017

ROK Stars PLC, the consumer products and environmental technology development company co-founded by U.S. billionaire John Paul DeJoria and U.K. entrepreneur Jonathan Kendrick, has announced its Graffiti Wine will sponsor the prestigious Scottish Entertainment and Hospitality Awards to be held in Glasgow on Sunday 7th May. ROK Stars has sourced a portfolio of Graffiti Wines […]

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