Investors FAQ

1. Is there more than one class of shares or equivalents in issue?

There is only one class of shares in issue and being considered for issue, shares of Common Stock. All options/warrants etc. are for purchase of these shares of Common Stock. This class of shares has the ticker “RKS”, which you should use on any financial website to see charts and other information on price and the company. Examples would be, or any of very many others.

2. How will RKS comply with latest changes to General Terms and Conditions for listing on the Open Market?

Investors aware of the latest German Regulator’s (BaFin) changes to the General Terms for inclusion in the Open Market on Stuttgart Stock Exchange will know that the company will have to either: (i) publish a full prospectus, (ii) show that its Capitalisation was more than €500,000 and that the nominal value of each share must be at least €0.10 per share or (iii) advance its listing from the First Quotation Board to Entry Standard.

RKS already fulfils the second part, with a share value of €0.10 per share and a valuation in excess of €500,000 and so the company is currently progressing an application to advance its listing to Entry Standard. Should this application fail to be accepted then the company would look to prepare a prospectus to retain its listing.

3. Where are shares traded?

The Open Market (Entry Standard) at the Stuttgart Stock Exchange and on Xetra, an electronic trading platform that has links with the Stuttgart Exchange.

4. Where are my shares?

Your tradable shares will be kept by your stockbroker or bank in electronic form. You will not receive a share certificate. Equinti, our Registered Agents, keep a record of all shares and will manage all movements of shares as they are issued and traded. If you have any queries about this arrangement, please contact Equinti directly. Their details are in the Partners section of this website.

5. How do I buy or sell shares in the company?

Your company cannot buy or sell its shares for you. Instead you must contact your financial advisor, a stockbroker or a bank and they will advise you on what to do.

6. Does RKS pay dividends?

It is not currently anticipated that any dividend will be payable.

7. How do I change my personal details when I own shares in the company?

If you wish to change any personal details or there are circumstances where the registered owner of shares change (for example, in the event of death), then the registered owner or their official descendents (or their legal representatives) must contact Equiniti directly. Their details are in the Partners section of this website.