John Paul Dejoria

Co Founder of ROK Stars

John Paul DeJoria’s inspirational success story exemplifies the American Dream.

After high school and service with honours in the U.S. Navy, John Paul did whatever it took to make ends meet, from selling encyclopaedias to working as a janitor.

In 1980, with just $700, he teamed up with his friend Paul Mitchell to launch John Paul Mitchell Systems which grew to become the world’s largest privately-owned hair care company.

John Paul’s success continued with the launch of numerous other highly successful businesses including Patron Tequila, which grew to become the world’s biggest premium tequila brand.

As a businessman, environmentalist and philanthropist, John Paul has donated his time, money and expertise to helping others. John Paul was honoured with the Sustainability Award at Fashion Group International’s Night of Stars event and was also inducted as a lifetime member into the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans. In 2010, he founded Grow Appalachia, a non-profit initiative that teaches families in need how to grow, prepare and preserve organic fruits and vegetables in a region with little access to fresh, nutritious food. John Paul was a featured panel member on ABC’s hit television show Shark Tank, where he served as a mentor and potential investor for aspiring entrepreneurs.

John Paul is on the Board of Directors of the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) and a member of the Council of Advisors of Global Green USA, the United States affiliate of Green Grass USA. He is also on the Board of Trustees of Waterkeepers, dedicated to protect the waterways of the world from polluters.

He is also active with helping the homeless, as well as Military Veterans, find employment.