Master Distiller notes, Bogart’s Vodka:

Made from the highest quality American grains and distilled 7 times.

Column Distilled in small batches, treated with the highest grade activated carbon and filtered down to 1 micron.

Artisan distilled to meet the discerning taste of the Neat Martini drinker but it fits nicely in any drink.

Nosing Bogart’s Vodka:

Bogart’s Vodka has a clear crisp aroma of subtle nuts and cream. Artisan distilled for quality, not mediocrity.

Tasting notes Bogart’s Vodka:

Unbelievably smooth and clean. A silky dry yet light fruity body with a peppery spice accented finish. A tasty balanced vodka. Simple and neat Bogart’s Vodka disappears, perfectly, over ice. Invisible in any mixer, but never boring.



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