Marula Pure Beauty Oil adds 3500 fair trade harvesters as business grows

Every day more socially and eco-aware consumers are asking themselves, “how do the products I buy and the companies I support affect the world?”

Not every company has a satisfying answer, but Marula Pure Beauty Oil is proud of the record it has in promoting economic fairness and preserving natural resources. Of the utmost importance is the Fair Trade principle upon which the brand was founded.  Marula Pure Beauty Oil is the only manufacturer of Marula oil that has established a fully integrated supply chain from natural resource to finished product, providing economic opportunities to thousands of rural African women at Fair Trade wages.

The brand, which operates in 72 villages in Swaziland and 70 villages in Nambia, announces that it has grown its network of Marula nut harvesters from 4,000 in 2014 to 7,500 as of May 2015.  These women are the backbone of the company, sharing in the reward that is generated by the demand for this wonderful, wild natural resource.

In addition to working with local women to take advantage of the opportunities this local resource provides, the brand also manages a growing support network that identifies and addresses some of their key concerns, chief among them being education.  Thus Marula Pure Beauty Oil offers financial support for kindergarten and education in the communities in which it has a presence.

The Marula Oil products range are part of ROK Stars PLC, co-founded by John Paul DeJoria and Jonathan Kendrick, with a mandate to ‘Build The Mega-Brands of Tomorrow, Today.’

“We take our Fair Trade mission very seriously,” says co-founder, Jonathan Kendrick. “Marula Pure Beauty Oil totally stands apart from its peers in this regard, as well as in the ultimate quality and purity of our finished product.  As our business grows, so does the economic advantage that is shared in the communities who are working to harvest the Marula nuts, while being able to maintain their long-held traditions and way of life.”

The company is also proud to help protect biodiversity by engaging with the national departments of forestry to help communities plant indigenous trees and protect these sensitive areas by restricting “slash and burn agriculture.”

Marula Pure Beauty Oil products are currently available at, Sephora, and now and select Nordstrom stores.  The brand is also growing its distribution internationally, with ongoing launches in a number of Asian and European countries.

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