ROK Stars and RL Group to develop ROK Water Technologies water purification system for the Oil & Gas Industry

ROK Stars and RL Group to develop ROK Water Technologies water purification system for the Oil & Gas Industry

ROK Water Technologies low-cost water purification system predicts ‘massive savings’ for the oil and gas industry in a multi-billion dollar market

1st August 2013

ROK Stars PLC, the consumer and environmental products development company founded by US Billionaire John Paul DeJoria and UK entrepreneur Jonathan Kendrick, has announced its ROK Water Technologies division has reached agreement with California-based RL Group, an environmental services company specializing in the sensitive management of liquid waste, to develop and deploy ROK’s unique water purification system.

The RL Group currently has multi-year waste-management contracts with many of the world’s leading oil and gas companies. RL Group has spent the past several years focused on California’s large oil and gas segment and is now expanding their services to include Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, North Dakota and Pennsylvania .

ROK and RL Environmental will begin a test pilot of ROK’s low-cost water purification system later this year with one of the major Kern County producers at a site outside of Bakersfield, California before deploying the self-contained trailer units to other oil and gas companies across the United States.

DeLynne Ano, Vice-President of Business Development at RL Environmental said “ROK Water Technologies represents a step-change in water purification. ROK’s purification units will allow oil producers to provide purified water for agribusiness and consumer uses. In the San Joaquin Valley, where water is the lifeblood of the region, being able to deliver water that is currently waste is a major achievement. Given the scale of the requirement for effective and efficient, low-cost, water purification, we believe ROK’s solution will save the oil and gas industry hundreds of millions of dollars per year in disposal costs and should make a what is now part of their waste stream a potential profit center, which is a good thing for them, the environment and the consumer.”

Commenting, Jonathan Kendrick, Chairman of ROK Stars said “We are delighted to have reached this agreement with the RL Group as together we can further develop our water purification system, representing massive savings to the oil and gas industry, while generating significant revenues.”

“All our ROK Stars products, including ROK Water Technologies, have the potential to achieve what Patron has in the tequila market and what Paul Mitchell has achieved in the hair care market; to become billion dollar brands.” Added John Paul DeJoria.

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ROK Stars is listed on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange and has an expanding portfolio of ‘game-changing’ products which includes OVAL Vodka, ROK Natural Energy, ROK Water and PURE ROK – with several more products currently under review and evaluation.

OVAL Vodka, produced in Austria in a patented process which bonds water molecules to alcohol molecules, is an award-winning, super-premium vodka which not only delivers the smoothest-tasting vodka possible, but also reduces the diuretic effect of alcohol consumption. OVAL Vodka is marketed that “for 600 years, all vodkas have been made the same way – until now. OVAL’s ‘structured’ molecular format enables people to “Enjoy More, Hurt Less.” OVAL Vodka recently sponsored Ronnie O’Sullivan in his successful defence of his World Snooker Championship title.

ABK Beer – Since 1308. ROK Stars acquired the majority interest in Bavarian brewery Aktienbrauerei, Kaufbeuren in May 2013, through ABK GmbH. Re-branded “ABK Beer – Since 1308”, ABK GmbH will market this 700 year old breweries range of beers internationally.

ROK Natural Energy drink is ROK’s unique all-natural energy-giving drink, marketed as ‘The Intelligent Alternative’ to standard artificial energy drinks and has recently produced a special ‘ROKET FUEL’ version to celebrate ROK’s association with Ronnie ‘The Rocket’ O’Sullivan, the reigning World Snooker Champion.

ROK Water represents the eco-friendly solution to the growing international bottled-water market with its unique and patented bio-degradable plastic bottles. ROK Water is scheduled for launch in Q4 2013.

PURE ROK is a unique high-performance, low-cost water-purification system which converts foul and polluted water – including sea water – into clean, safe drinking water with no moving parts and no need for artificial power supplies. PURE ROK is designed to tackle the global drinking water crisis faced by 1 billion people worldwide and will also launch in Q4 2013.

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